I'm a multi-disciplinary producer and project manager (aka "generalist") with experience leading creative and technical projects spanning media production, tech, design, and gaming. Fueled by a constant curiosity and eagerness to understand all moving parts of a project, my goal
is to foster collaboration, community, efficiency, and creativity to deliver impactful work in emerging industries.


As a photographer, my work is influenced by constant exploration and a desire to capture fleeting moments. My nostalgic and sentimental nature urges me to create a world that lies between photographic memory and reality.



  • Project Management (media, design, web3, digital/mobile products, gaming)
  • Operations (creative ops, project ops for startups and early teams)
  • Producer for Video/Photo Production (narrative, short format, advertising, documentary, stills)
  • Photography (travel, artistic portraits, key art, image licensing, art prints)


Project Management & Operations
Kaiju Cards, 2021-2023

Product Management & Video Production
Hopper, 2018-2020

Producer & Production Coordinator
Freelance Media Production, 2015-Current

Clients: Cisco Meraki, Hopper, Apple, Esurance, ASOS, CLIF Bar, CDK Global, Leatherman, Muscle Milk, Nike Jordan, MGM
Agencies: Vox Media, Workhouse Creative, Farm League, Native Content, We Are Plus, Paradoxal, Food Chain Films, Laundry Service, Lightworkers Media



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