Showcasing a diverse collection of projects that reflect my unique style.

Tools & Skills

Figma - UI/UX prototype & mockup design
Photoshop, Lightroom - graphics & image creation, editing, & manipulation
InDesign - layout design for decks, pitches, marketing materials & photo books
Webflow - designed the kaiju cards website using a robust template



Marketing Graphics

A select collection of marketing graphics I designed for Kaiju Cards. 
Tools used: Figma, Photoshop

Product Design - Game Screens

I designed UX and UI for the following menu game screens: Character Select, Inventory, and Battle Pass. Product flows required web3 specific functionality and 

Tools used: Figma, Photoshop
Skills utilized: Research (game design & ux, web3 tooling, ux/ui), Product design, Product strategy

Using Format